Workshops 2015

Argentina8-10 April, 11-12 April, 13-15 April
Elisa Suares -

Uruguay - 18-20 April, 21-22 April, 24-26 April
Andrea Bustelo -

The Netherlands - 
14-15 May
17-20 May
22-25 May 
Dorie van Dijk -

Norway -
29-31 May, 1-5 May
Tone Tvedt  -

USA - 
12-16 July - Opulent fibers -

19-21 July, 23-25 July, Pacific North West Art School -

28-31 July, 1-2 July The Living Craft School Boulder Colorado -

Germany - 
17-21 August Wollknoll - info(a)

Belgium -
11-13 September -

Workshops information 2014 will be updated soon! 
Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA - Portland, Germany and the Netherlands.

Pacific Grove, Monterey, CA

January 5-9, 2014, 
Printing Tenderness - A creative 2 day workshop in Felt and tattoos botanical prints.

January 6-8, 2014,
The multidimensional mystery - 3 day workshop Combining 3D Shibori techniques in felt and dyeing with botanical print

contact: Nika Ivanoff (

December 5-9, 2013 Buenos Aires, Argentina

Natural Hand writing - Botanical prints on Felt, silk and wool
Printing Tenderness - top or accessory with felt and botanical prints
Contact: Andrea Bustelo (,  Luciana Marrone (

November 26-December 3, 2013. Arenas Verde, Argentina

collaborative workshops with Vilte
Nuno felt kimono with landscape sculptures + eco print and its distortion
Beyond the surface. Fabric manipulation + botanical print
Fabric manipulation in making nuno felt. Samples
Contact: Andrea Bustelo (,  Luciana Marrone (

Past workshops:

September 9-17, 2013. Cyprus

Layers of Natural Color and Design in Felting
with Irit Dulman and Vilte Kazlauskaite
September 9-17, 2013. Cyprus.

Vilte Kazlauskaite:
- Exploring layers in felting and their characteristics, as well as possibilities of fusion
- Reconstruction of layers and introduction of other design elements
- Color language - personal colors and print as the starting point of the design
- Fiber dynamics and pattern making
- Mixing and matching the textural language of felt
Irit Dulman:
- Botanical print and natural background coloring - exploring layers in color
- Contact dyeing - possibilities of graphical, watercolor, and marbling effects
- Distortion and reconstruction of botanical prints
- Advanced felt focused exploration of botanical print in all stages of felt making

September 9-17, 2013, Cyprus

July 24-27, 2013

Collaborative workshops with Vilte
Beyond the surface. Fabric manipulation in nuno felting and Botanical Prints. Dresses
Atelier Fiber Fusing, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

May, 2013

FELTFULL 2013, the Netherlands, Friesland

January, 2013

Collaborative workshops with Vilte 
Monterey, San Francisco, USA. 

November, 2012 

Collaborative workshops with Vilte
Charkov, Ukraine 
Contact: +380 (50) 956-55-84 Светлана Борисовна


  1. שלום עירית,
    האם תהיה יותר מסדנא אחת בניו זילנד?
    תודה רבה,

    1. הי ניבה, מצטערת. ראיתי את ההודעה רק עכשיו. לצערי הנסיעה שלי לאוסטרליה וניו זילנד התבטלה. אני מניחה שזה עוד יקרה בעתיד הלא רחוק.

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    1. In Germany and the Netherlands during 2014

  3. Do you know when you would be teaching in Canada and which city, Irit?

  4. Do you already know dates for workshops in Europe in 2016?
    Thanks in advance.